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I know how you feel. I am a military spouse, and a mom. I'm fairly new at both and always learning. I want to help you learn how to navigate the challenges of military life, solo-parenting, and how to use your military resources to save money.

When I traded in my scrubs for sweatpants and a shirt stained with baby goo, I cut our finances in half. It was important to my husband and I that I be home with our son. We quickly learned how difficult it was to live on a military salary and we had to cut back on just about everything. I learned how to use our resources to make ends meet. I soon found out that a lot of military families struggle financially. Now that we finally have our finances on track, I want to help others do the same.

Moms Don't Sleep will frequently share posts on how to use discounts or resources to save money, budget tips, and solutions or advice for military life challenges (solo-parenting, deployments, care packages, basic training, etc). We also have a Facebook group set up for our subscribers called Military Families Saving Money. We share daily tips and encourage our members to interact with others, ask questions, and learn how to save money. If you would like to join, just sign up for our email list and you will find instructions in our welcome email for how to join!

As an email subscriber, you will also receive weekly (or maybe a little less if life gets crazy) unique content that is NOT available on my blog. This content serves my email subscribers by letting them in on my little money saving secrets and the products/services I use to cut our spending! I will also point you in the direction of any blog posts you might have missed and give you the chance to interact with me, ask questions, or even just vent. I am here to help you through this; whether you are struggling with deployment or financial issues. 

In the spirit of learning to save money and live on a military salary, I would like to offer you a spot in our FREE 30-Day Military Savings Transformation Course! You will learn how to save money in every aspect of military life, step-by-step! In addition, you will also learn about helpful resources for dealing with the challenges of military life and you will obtain 9+ FREE printables, worksheets, and checklists PLUS a invite to our private facebook group!

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