While You Were Away: Deployment Journal

A beautifully designed printable deployment journal:
  • Simple design. The beautiful and simple design allows for members of any branch to enjoy it and makes for a wonderful gift for your loved one when they return.
  • Organized writing prompts. Fill out the monthly writing prompts, keeps thoughts organized and gives you something to look forward to each other (other than being one month closer to the end of deployment of course!
  • Buy once, use again. This is a printable journal for up to 12 month deployments. Buy it once, print it as many times as you want for multiple deployments

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In the Journal, You Will Discover:


These writing prompts are fun and help keep your thoughts organized. They help you know what to say and give you a creative outlet while your loved one is away.


Because this is a printable product, the posibilites are endless. You can have it made into a book, you can use the pages to design a bigger book with more pictures (like through Shutterfly) or you can print them yourself and make them into a small binder or scrap book. Not to mention you can print it multiple times for multiple deployments!


The writing prompts are just enough to let you go any way you want with it. Keep it PG rated and get the kids involved or spice it up a little!


Each page includes a dedicated spot to add pictures. Do countdown pictures or add pictures of the kids, anything you want will work!

About the Author: Kara

The author of this deployment journal gave birth to her son while her husband was at Basic. While she was filling out her sons baby book, she thought it would be cool to have something like it for deployments so you could remember your time apart and cherish your time together. That's when she created this deployment journal full of thoughtful writing prompts and space to get creative.

A Printable Deployment Journal For Your Time Apart

Ready to get started?

This product is available for INSTANT download and the pages each measure 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches

Deployment is the hardest part of military life. Always remember your time apart so you can cherish your time together.

Get the journal now!

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