While You Were Away 

Deployment Keepsake Journal         

keep a journal while your loved one is away for deployment
This printable journal will help you:
  • Stay organized. Writing prompts will help you organize your thoughts while your loved one is away
  • Help you grow as a strong individual. Deployment is a great time to learn about your own strengths and who you are as a person, this journal will help you do that
  • Remember your time apart so you can cherish your time together

Why Wait? Get the journal now (Available for instant download):

Stay busy, start a project, exercise more, start a bucket list, etc.

You probably have heard all sorts of deployment advice. Some good, some not so good. The truth is that deployment isn’t easy. There is no “one thing” that makes it easy.

Everyone is different. Some may have ambitious goals of things to complete while their loved one is away, some may just end up drinking wine and watching movies.

There is one thing that I always suggest to everyone going through any kind of separation or deployment. REMEMBER your time apart! When you are together, you should live every single day like they are deployed. But it’s easy to forget about those long, lonely nights. It’s easy to take someone for granted when you see them all the time.

So what can you do? What will help you organize your thoughts and really help you remember and look back on your time apart? Keep a Deployment Journal.

Not only will this help you get through deployment one month at a time, it will also make an amazing and unique gift that your loved one can look back on as well.

keep a deployment journal while your loved one is away

In the Journal, You Will Discover:

Thoughtful Writing Prompts

Taking time each month will help you reflect and think about both your time apart and your time together 

Countdown Pictures

Each month features a place to keep your countdown pictures so that when your loved one returns, they have a beautiful gift they can cherish

Colorful Designs

Each page is designed with a beautiful and colorful design that will compliment your pictures without taking focus from it

Up to 12 Months of Deployment

There are up to twelve months for each deployment book. Since they are printable, you can remove any months that you may not need without doing any damage to the rest of the book. Print it at home and get it bound into a book at Staples for about $4!

About the Author: Kara Fidd

Kara gave birth to her little boy while her husband was away. While filling out her sons baby book, she wished there was something similar for people going through separations (deployments, boot camp, etc) from their spouse. She decided she would fix that.

keep a journal while your loved one is away for deployment
A Fully Customizable Deployment Keepsake Journal Available for Instant Download!

Are you ready?

These journals are available to download instantly! You can print them at home and get it bound into a book at staples, send the file directly to them to print and bind, or you can turn the pages into your own scrapbook. Book size is 5.5x8.5in!

Get the whole thing for $12!

Why Wait? Get the Journal now (Instant download):

Please note that you will be directed to SendOwl to complete the purchase. SendOwl will use Paypal to securely collect payment and then email you your file for download. Keep an eye out for an email from SendOwl! Thank you so much for purchasing!

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